Cactus Terrarium- DIY

So recently I have jumped on the terrarium bandwagon. I searched far and wide for a real terrarium that didn't cost a pretty penny, however all the budget friendly ones were fake and I just don't do fake flowers/foliage! So I decided to make my own and here is how I did it!


-a cute house, I got mine at Home Goods

-Activated Charcoal (you can find it at Petmsart) 

-fish tank pebbles. (they have a bunch of colors, I was torn between bright pink and white).

-an assortment of Cacti. I found the succulent at the farmers market but the rest I bought at Home depot 

-Cactus soil (trust me you want specific cactus soil, it helps from overwatering).

-and I just had to buy a gnome (I bought him at Michaels craft store).

How to: 

I started with putting a little piece of plastic on the bottom of the house to keep it from rotting out. Then I put a very thin layer of the activated charcoal, the charcoal keeps the terrarium from fogging up and getting smelly. I then put a layer of the fish tank pebbles before I put the cactus soil down. Next is the fun part, planting the cacti! After arranging them how I liked I finished off with a layer of the pebbles. Then I put my little gnome in there, isn't he the cutest! I hope that this inspires you to love cacti! These terrariums are perfect for those who want to garden but may not have the green thumb. Good Luck! 

p.s. -> water every week (very little water) and your little cacti needs at least 4 to 6 hours of full sun a day!